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reduce the age you are allowed to buy ordinary knives to 18

Comment 5th July 2010

To reconsider the ridiculous laws governing knives and blades which show a complete lack of forethought when taking into account that many of the restricted items are household essentials which 18-21 yr olds living on their own are considered too immature to buy.  

Why does this matter?

At the moment under 21s are unable to buy simple household items because they are considered too immature to buy them. At 21 years you can be trusted to drive, live independantly  and get married however currently you are not trusted to buy a breadknife to go in your kitchen. Personally i was astounded when at the age of 20 i was asked for ID and subsequently turned away when trying to buy a wallpaper scraper because i was told it had a blade.

This law is ridiculous as anyone who needs these everyday items will get them anyway through friends or family over 21, however it causes a great deal more hassle than there needs to be. I cannot see how refusing the sale of such items can in any way be reducing knife crime in the UK. 

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