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Reduce the cost of regulation associated with supporting people

Comment 23rd July 2010

Quality is not created by regulation neither is it guaranteed by having the "right"  policies. Its how you do things and what they achieve that matters.  

The SP regulation does not comply with the "principles of better regulation" and is NEVER subject to cost-benefit analysis. At the moment the inspectors focus on my policies and procedures, checking in deatil that I have dotted the I's and crossed the Ts. They do not consider what I actually achieve.  So the focus is "do you have you an equalities action plan,, that conforms to these standards?" It should be  "how inclusive and equal are you?."

Its akin to going into a shop to buy bread asking about the recipe and nitpicking at the cost of the ingredients and judging its quality on those things  ignoring the taste and how many slices you get for your money!

I believe that if the quarterly monitoring, much of it of input and and the annual review and lovcal VFM assessement were overhauled i could move costs from admin and bureacracy into services for vulnerable people. Achieve more outcomes for the same costs.






Why does this matter?

Because the state currently invest billions of pounds in these services

Because the regulation is wasteful

Because excessive regulation restricts innovation

Because excessive regulation destroys the added value that the vcs brings.

Because ending the excessive regulaiton will improve outcomes and enable more vulnerable people to benefit from what are proven to be highly effective services. 

I've been QAFF'd to death for years, lets now focus on effective contract management and doing the job for the local community.


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