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Reduce the cost of road signage

Comment 23rd August 2010

1. Go back to the old system of only having two traffic lights at junctions.  In recent years I have been at junctons and facing seven or eight sets of lights.  Completely unnecessary and a waste of our taxes

2. Cut down on the use of road signs particularty in country areas.  Unnecessary chevrons on bends, huge, ugly  30mph signs above the name of the village for example.

3. Have one sign on the left hand side of the road not one on each side of the road. We drive on the left don't we so why always two signs facing the oncoming motorist ?

4. Turn off unnecessary lights. Cars have lights.  

Why does this matter?

All the above just wastes millions of pounds annually.  Total and utter insanity.   The result of policies though up and implemented by people who really have not thought things through.  

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