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Reduce the speed limit on motorways

Comment 29th January 2015

Currently the speed limit on all british motorways is 70 mph. Most drivers push that speed limit and risk road safety by travelling around 80 on average.

I propose to lower the speed limit on motorways to 60mph. The americans can function with a largely 50mph limit. I think we can too.

Why does this matter?

By reducing the speed limit on motorways to 60, we will not only increase the road safety element, by way of increasing the time a driver has to react. This in turn will mean that anyone wanting to go a bit faster (albeit illegally) will not break the higher limits of 80 plus mph.

There are already too many deaths and serious accidents on motorways, caused by drivers who push the speed of thier vehicles to the point that they have little time to react to the other drivers on the road.

A slower speed can also save on fuel costs.

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