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reduce truck movements at peak time and tax european lorries

Comment 9th July 2010

to reduce the number of heavy goods vehicles on our roads during peak periods can we not look at some solutions:

a. all container traffic (i.e movement of containers only from ports to an inland depot) be restricted to movement from say 22.00hrs to 06.00hrs. For truck companies using this method they would receive a reduced Road Tax or no Road Tax by restricting the trucks use.

This would reduce road congestion at peak times / reduce the amount of time wasted by other businesses sitting in traffic holdups etc.

b. to help cover the loss of revenue (Road Tax) from these truck companies we could then Tax european truck companies to use the UK road system (similar system has been used in Switzerland for the last 30 years) at the moment these companies contribute nothing to the UK transport system (not from fuel because they fill up before they come in the UK)


Why does this matter?

a. so much time is wasted by business (small & large) by their transport / employees sitting in traffic at peak times.


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