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Reducing manning levels

Comment 15th March 2013

The Civil Service has become a bloated behemoth under Mr Brown and it needs to be pegged back. Now we all know that the people who do the most useful work are amongst the lowest paid and are the front-line staff.  What is needed is to intruduce Private Sector methods as per, remove a whole layer of management and then tell those who worked for the now redundant managers 'Find better ways of doing your job'.

It happened to me and it was he best thing that ever happened to our company. We got rid of the non workers and we all did find much better ways to carry out our tasks without interference.  I recommend this to the government as if you ask the Civil Srvice to carry out the reduction policy them selves, they will naturally get rid of others rather than themselves.

Why does this matter?

Because we need some method of reducing public sector staffing numbers without affecting front-line services.

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