Reducing the burden of regulation

The main cost of regulation is often not the cost of enforcement or even the cost of compliance but the delays involved in the system.  If someone has to wait two months before starting a job because it takes two months to obtain police clearance, that is a major cost.

With computerisation, it should be possible to process most types of application to government departments or local authorities within a few days.

Regulation should where possible consist of informing consumers.

Government websites are often difficult to use or do not operate as intended.  You should devote more resources to web site development.

Users of government web sites (eg. the Land Registry) requiring only information (not submitting information) should not have to register or remember pass words.

My wife who recently reached 60 has received a form requiring her to claim half our winter fuel allowance.  I consider that a waste of time.  Where two people of pension age live at the same address, the winter fuel allowance should automatically be paid to the older one unless the other elects to apply for a half share.

Why does this idea matter?

Important because of the need to reduce the burden of regulation.

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