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Redundancies before reformation

Comment 5th July 2010

From the point of view of Public Servants, most of whom are very committed to helping the country, it is sad that cut-backs need to be made, but they try to understand. However, to then follow such an announcement by another that is trying to limit their redundancy payouts is, to my mind, insanity.

Surely those who have served under designated terms and conditions must be legally entitled to keep those terms and conditions as you unceremoniously consign them to the scrapheap. This seems like the previous Government at work – sly and underhanded with no respect for the country. I hope I'm wrong, but……

Redundancies, where they are required, must take place first, giving an equitable chance to those who feel they can move on to have an equitable settlement. the terms can then be changed for those who have kept their jobs – a much more meaningful trade-off.

Why does this matter?

The amount of man-days that will be lost by inevitable strike action will do nobody any good and simply impinge on services throughout the country. A more pragmatic approach by this Government, of allowing those who will be leaving to maintain their present terms and conditions, will head off such strike action, saving face for everyone and costing no more money (because no strikes).

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