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Redundant Farm Buildings Conversion

Comment 7th July 2010

The last Labour governmentbrought in a law which allowed the conversion of suitable redundant farm buildings into offices or holiday cottages. But not houses

The offices are difficult to let and the holiday cottages are only suitable in the right area.

However there is a desperate shortage of houses and these buildings often make good houses.

The footprint is already there and no extra land is utilised, also the nations housing shortage could be improved at no cost to the tax payer.

I believe Mr Clegg the deputy Prime Minister wrote an article in the Daily Mail supporting this idea.

I would like to propose therefore that these buildings if suiutable should be given planning permission to convert into houses./

Why does this matter?

Because there is a desperate shortage of houses and these buildings will fall into disrepair if nothing is done to them,This will help the rural economy as well as supplying much needed housing for the country at no expense to the taxpayer, in fact the local authority would benefit from extra council tax income.

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