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Reform listed building regulations

Comment 9th May 2015

It is almost impossible to make an alteration to a listed building without committing an offence of some description. For example, if you have to replace a window in an old building, the building regulations will require you to use double glazed glass panels to enhance energy efficiency. Conservation however will insist on single glazed panels to retain historical relevance. 

Ignoring either building control or the conservation department is an offence, yet you cannot replace the window without ignoring one of them, hence committing an offence. 

We've almost got used to this, but perhaps the law should be clearer, and hand more of theresponsibility for that choice to the homeowner. 

Why does this matter?

The complexity of government inputs into a building project involving a listed building often conflict each other. The law currently can make a criminal of you if you choose to conform to one rather than the other. This situation facing homeowners is confusing, and does not create respect for the law or our government.  

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