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Reform of the C R B regulations.

Comment 6th July 2010

Instead of having to apply for a new c r b every time you want to do something new that involves working with children there should be a system where a person who works with children or younge people can apply for a c r b check which is valied for say two years, if a person changes jobs or offers to help out for example the local guides they would show their valied c r b this could have a photo and a registration number unique to that person the new prospective employer would only need to phone or contact the c r b office to confirm that this person's c r b is still valied and that no concerns have been raised since the last check. if a person commits an offence that would barr them from working with children details would automatically be sent to the c r b office so that the c r b could be cancelled. the person concerned would have to return their c r b form. This would or could work in the same way as nurses or doctors are registered and struck off.

Why does this matter?

This would stop the need to have repeated C R B checks, some people have more than four done every year, this not only causes a delay for those that really need to get one done quickly but it would also save money for both the employer and the govenment. at the moment it can take three or four months sometimes to get a C R B heck back this could mean a person is unable to work and therefore claiming benifits longer . the idea of having a system like that used for nurses would mean people could move jobs more easily, employers would be able to check easily that the person was suitable to work with children, the form / document would belong to the person who was registered they would need to renew it every two or three yearsin a similar way you renew a passport by enclosing a photo that is signed.

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