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Reform of the Security Industry Act 2001

1 Comment 2nd July 2010

Persons wishing to work in the Security Industry to require a simple CRB check, rather than an official licence.

Why does this matter?

At the moment, persons wishing to work as a Security Guard, Door Supervisor, CCTV operator and other security related positions, require a licence to do so.  Not doing so is an offence.

The process of obtaining a licence is expensive, in relation to the expected salary expectation of such a position and creates higher barriers of entry for persons wishing to persue such a position.  There are problems of criminality associated with the Security Industry, but a simple CRB check should be able to prevent "undesirables" entering the industry.   Training should be provided by Security Companies, and not be the responsibility of individuals.

If we are keen to move out of the recession, and invoke job creation, we must avoid creating hurdles for people who are out of work.

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One Response to Reform of the Security Industry Act 2001

  1. Mark Gale says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble there but crb checks are standard practice in the security industry.

    Licencing in theory enables people to gain valuble training in the role they intend to work in.

    There is alot more to being a security officer than you might think.

    Doing away with licencing and training would set the industry back years and is imo a very bad idea.

    What should be looked at is the conditions some Security Officers are made to work in.

    Its not uncommon to hear of officers being on site for over 16 hours because their relief hasn’t turned up and the managers don’t care enough to do something about it.

    Some companies decpite the training done by an individual still see an S.O. as nothing more than a body in a seat that generates them money.

    I used to work for Reliance and they where a good firm to work for they cared about regulation and development of their staff until they got bought out by Securitas.

    However decpite the problems caused by certain employers licencing is a good thing and should stay in place.

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