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Reform of the town and country planning system

Comment 6th August 2010

Time for a completely fresh and radical think about the future of the town and country planning system in this country I reckon.

It would be worth taking some time out to have a brief focussed national debate about how best to plan in the future.

The current system is much too highly regulated with separated processes for long term planning and development control. The current proposals by this goverment are a breath of fresh air but they don't go anywhere near far enough.

Why does this matter?

Because this country has almost reached a state of inertia in house building over the last few years. While this is partly due to the economic recession its engrained by phenomenal amounts of british and european legislation and opportunities for litigation and ombudsman complaints about process to name but a few.

Getting the communities involved is a great idea but fraught with the potential to object to almost everything.

If we are to emerge swiftly from this recession one significant contribution can come form the development industry. We need to build our way out of recession like in the early eighties. In order to accomplish this we need to allow a degree of greater freedom to developers to obtain and implement planning permissions and secure the financial backing to undertake construction

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