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Reform the CPS so that criminals get prosecuted in the event of Police Misconduct

Comment 20th July 2010

Did you know that if you were the victim of a crime (Grievous Bodily Harm, Assault etc.) resulting in permanent bodily damage, or even death, and the police negligently handle the case or abuse their powers (this could be, for example failing to gather independent witness evidence, or not maintaining the custody record, the Crown Prosecution Service would disregard all evidence, even if it had been reinvestigated and the assailant had admitted to the attack/crime, the CPS would drop the case. Therefore resulting in your attacker not being prosecuted.

I, as the victim of such treatment by the police, call upon David Cameron and Nick Clegg to act so that Officers whom abuse their powers or act within an incompetent negligent manner do not  act as a brick wall in bringing forth a prosecution. 

Why does this matter?

Currently, you can be killed, viciously attacked; by completely unprovoked means and yet your attacker, even if admitting to the attack can walk free, due to the fact that the Crown Prosecution Service automatically drops cases in which police misconduct has been present. Worse still, even if your attacker formally signs a declaration (Final Warning), and the case had been reinvestigated, your attacker still faces a reasonably good chance of walking free.

After suffering from permanent eye damage, a broken hand and being the victim of serious police misconduct, my attacker was not prosecuted due to the CPS showing a lack of compassion for me as the victim. The officer whom dealt with the case initially, still retains her title and her job. 

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