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reform the no win no fee to make it less lucrative for solicitors

Comment 1st August 2010

 the compensation culture is being driven by a greedy and amoral  section of society who in essence use the claiments as a conduite to enrich themselves. At the very least stop  their constant advertising on commercial radio and t v.

Why does this matter?

 The compensation culture has a malignant affect on society for the following reasons:

1.  Insurance premiums are higher than necessary to pay for the claims.         

2. The N.H.S. and Local Authorities i.e. the state, are losing vast sums of money

3. Small employers are reluctant to take on more staff because they have been, or know of someone who has been subjected to a claim.

4.  It is very difficult to find impartial professional advice, as it always veers to the bland or ultra cautious.

5. The H.S.E which should be a force for good  has become a bad joke.

6. It promotes a "political correctness", which erodes freedom of speech.

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