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reform the way sell by dates work

Comment 7th July 2010

I feel there is alot of food wasted because of sell by and use by dates, of course it is a good idea to have these on very perishable foods such as dairy products , pre pact meat and cooked items but do we really need them on bags of veg or fruit or at least the restiction that they cannot be sold once that date has past should be lifted, as long as the item is clearly labled as sold as seen some one should be able to buy it at a much reduced cost. I recently went to the local shop to buy carrots i was told i could not have any even though i could clearly see they had some , but even though they were ok because the date on them was for the previous day they could not sell them. What is needed is a rethink of these regs to make them clearer and remove some of the restrictions.

Why does this matter?

this is required to reduce waste going to land fill, it would also reduce costs to shops as they would throw away less, it would also mean that people could pick up some items at a much reduced cost.

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