reforming child benefit

with the lazy spongers we unfortunately have now it is long overdue to rethink the child benefit.  2 children per family is enough to keep the population going and any more should be up to the couple to pay for.  if the parents become unemployed then that is the time for child benefit for the 3rd and any other children until work is found.

Any type of benefit should not automatically be given to those who have not paid any TAX or NI say for at least 6 to 12 months and especially for those who do not hold a UK passport.

the UK has been an easy target for too long.  We have to start saying no.

i have 4 children, work hard for a fairly comfortable life, have worked most of my adult life and paid my TAX and NI.  i would not have a problem with not receiving child benefit for my 3rd and 4th and if i was struggling, take extra care to make sure that i would not fall pregnant again.

Why does this idea matter?

important – to help get this country out of its debt and not to make it easy for the lazy spongers.  Most of them do not have a brain which may not be all their fault.  they need to stop and think.  Let them struggle, they will not be the only ones!  we are talking about these children being the future of this country.

it is not right that non British who have never paid TAX and NI receive hand outs.

it is only fair that all contribute.

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