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refuse collection system and costs

Comment 2nd July 2010

Whilst this may not be the appropriate forum, hopefully you can forward as necessary – I would like to propose the following to reduce the red-tape and costs in waste disposal – we often stay and france with relatives, and they have a superb and efficient system for waste – at every village 'exit' there is a small recycling / watse area – it is the responsibility of each householder to deposit regularly, if not daily, household waste (into paper, bottle, waste bins as necessary). once or twice each weke, as required, these very large 'village' bins are collected by a large lorry – the benefit is that rather than providing at huge cost and inconvenience 1000's of wheely bins and having to empty them all, the council collect only a few larger bin contents – less labour, less time, less money !!! it works really well, and if people would rather have personal collection and a bin, they can, but they must pay for this service themselves. An additional benefit should sit well with the green lobby, as there are less bin lorries operating more efficiently ! happy to get involved if anyone wants to do a study and propose this be tested in local areas!

Why does this matter?

if we are to truly reduce the costs of council run services, we need to think laterally – we need to make a better and cheaper to operate sevice, and place more respovnsibility on individuals, n return for a reduction in council tax charges – those that want a bespoke personal service can continue to have this, but at a price.

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