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Regulation is too harsh

Comment 13th August 2010

Give a guy a break!

Why does this matter?

If your entire life was destroyed and your family suffered sever financial hardship and forced into poverty only because you "the government" decided to punish a man for the same crime twice and cost his family their livelihood then why would you think my idea is important?

I would understand if the crime was a murder or rape or something of that nature but, for the FSA to rip your life appart because a man stole £1.75 worth of petrol in his youthful days, i.e. 20 years ago and sit back feeling that they have accomplished and done something good on this earth then all I can say is what a pathetic and useless government this is then if they sit back and allow this to happen and feel that it is justified to destroy a family because of this crime.

Go to hell FSA and die a horrible death!!

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