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Regulatory bodies must demand “lowest overall public cost”

Comment 24th August 2010

Joined up thinking when combined with joined up opportunity, provides the lowest overall public cost.  We require integrated working in many guidance notes and statutes, yet the regulators are not up to speed, claiming no direct brief to monitor the lowest overall public cost. 

Every public service is affected adversely at present, costing the public many billions of pounds per annum, either in service revenue savings that cost far more in capital costs, or duplication of effort.  What the public see is just the tip of the iceberg, with those more technically involved far more aware of the true costs to the public.

Ulimately we need to remove the regulators, and move to an internal and external audit regime commissioned by the public body concerned with the reports being public and in plain english.

Why does this matter?

There is an opportunity to save the public billions of pounds per annum.

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