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Rehabilitation in prison

Comment 6th July 2010

All prosons should have a rehabilitation centre to enable the prisoners to try and get help for the cries they have commited. Giving prisoners this opportunity would allow them to realise what they did was wrong and then as they spend there time serving for what they did they can learn the wrongs and rights , in hope that this will prevent future reofending as this is a major issue for britains prisoners.

Also, prisoners should study or leanr manual skills whilst serving their time so that when they are relieved from prison they have the right qualifications to do well if lie which could just be enough to turn around someone and give them hope that even though they messed up now they can do something in their life. Also, by completing such work in prison it will show future employers that yes thy spent time in prison but they have been reformed and now want to make something of their life instead of going on benifits and then returning to a life of crime.

Why does this matter?

Both of these ideas would stimulate the prisoners to get back on the right track and feel they are capable of doing something in their life. Also , some prisoners get withdrawn, persecuted or even start to develop psychiatric problems but by having such things to do each day this would help decrease such problems and after time would proove to decrease the populations in prisons.

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