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Reinstate Imperial measure over European metric measure

4 Comments 11th August 2010

We won the right to keep our Imperial Measurement from the eurocrats.

If we are to be British then we should remain so by having Imperial first.   If someone wants metric then that should be second. 

Our system of measure is a powerful system that built the industrial world. 

To abandon Imperial measure is to lose our identity.  Especially that the majority in this country are schooled in inches, feet, miles, pounds, ounces, and farenheit!.

Why does this matter?

It is one of the quirks of our being different than any place else in the world.  We are a great collection of nations that require our individual creativity that does not fall in line with a system that was invented because the people on the other side of the English channel would not accept Imperial and hastily put metric system up as the replacement.  In that system no two countries agree on how and what is the measurement, and there are numerous problems associated to those differences.  Simplify Imperial by 100ths or 1000ths yet it is far better to know the reference when it is feet, inches, yards, miles….. 

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4 Responses to Reinstate Imperial measure over European metric measure

  1. John Frewen-Lord says:

    So did Canada, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, etc etc lose their identity when they converted to metric? OF COURSE NOT! To say that Britain will is rubbish. The only thing that not being fully metric does for us is to lose us exports and make us the laughing stock of the world. Maybe you like that idea – I don’t.

  2. ian says:

    It alters the way we think, eg the choice of words we use, Metric is cold and clinical , Imperial and colourful and human 🙂

    So its alters our culture, and why should we change to suit the EU or the world!

    America is still the richest country and they still use the good old British foot,inch,mile etc….

  3. John says:

    Totally insane..
    Changing the method, that is used to measure weights, and other measurements, does not change our identity. Nor does it make much difference to our culture.
    Words such as “mile”, “foot”, “inch”, and “pound”, are still going to be in our written and spoken language, and culture, after metrication. They will be words describing past units of measure.
    Some facts:
    Every country worldwide uses metric measurements.
    Only three countries (US, Liberia and Myanmar) dont use metric as their primary system of measurement. They use metric as a secondary system of measurement.
    British scientists and engineers were central to the development of the metric system and arguabily the metric system is more “British” than the Imperial system that used Roman and Saxon units of measure. The modern metric system (SI) is the international measurement system for world trade. It is the global community of trade and communication that has forced the UK to adopt metric rather than the EU. Although many people still use Imperial units of measure in conversation, after 40 odd years of metrication they do understand metric measures. The cost to revert to Imperial measures both financial, educational, and human is too great for the UK, and will place us in isolation from the global community.
    Metric measures are here to stay.

  4. PhilipII says:

    Do you realise that dual-labelling places additional costs on business and subsequently the purchaser? So those of us who have switched laugh at the English who burden themselves needlessly with these extra costs. If people are so anti-metric where are the millions of protestors? If you revert to old pan -European units then you also have to revert to pre-decimal currency, whose units were also considered “cultural”.

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