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Reinstate the law banning solicitors from advertising

Comment 5th July 2010

Compensation claims for negligence, etc. have their place in life.  However, since solicitors were allowed to advertise the number of cases has increased dramatically.  The term 'Compensation Culture' has entered the language and is doing immense harm – see below.

The industry, as such it has become, is driven by the advertisements of solicitors for lucrative trade.  Our privacy is also getting increasingly invaded by touts in the high streets and cold telephone calls encouraging people to make claims with the promise of generous compensation.

Why does this matter?

1. To compensate for this greatly increased activity suppliers of goods and services have to pay so much more for insurance cover.

2. A great many organisations, both private and public, now engage specialist staff to ensure that policy and operations are as blame-free as possible.

3. Throughout the country virtually every manager, committee and executive spends a significant proportion of their time in ensuring that the increasing amount of 'self-protection' detail in organisational procedures is precisely followed.

4. All this puts up the cost of goods and services thus reducing efficiency and delaying the country's economic recovery

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