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Reintroduce supertax for obscene salaries

1 Comment 21st August 2019

A supertax bracket of 75% (or more) should be introduced for incomes above £10,000 a week which should go directly to organisations like the NHS.

Recipients of such huge salaries could get relief from the tax on any money they give directly to charity.

Why does this matter?

The salaries of some people (often sports 'stars', or heads of quangos, councils and large corporations) are obscene. If they decide to live abroad where taxation is less, so be it – many of them spend their money abroad in any case. Footballers' salaries are a good case in point.

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One Response to Reintroduce supertax for obscene salaries

  1. D Rees says:

    I think for years the BBC has been treating us like idiots, all these years we have been funding stupid presenters wages whilst lots of the population have been struggling and still living off food banks which I must say is appsolutely disgusting in this day and age the country is appsolutely gone to the dogs.

    Ban the licence !

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