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Relax Marijuana laws

Comment 1st July 2010

I have a good idea which i feel will bring in plenty of tax revenue whilst at the same time cut red tape or bureaucracy. My idea is to relax drugs laws in respective in Marijuana or Cannabis to class C at most, but as well as this allowing cannabis at a certain quality to be licenced for selling in certain shops, however at the same time the cannabis sold would be subject to taxation meaning the UK government would receive an extra source of income whilst more personal freedom accurs due to the liberal drug law on canabis. I feel that the amount of money spent on police officers to do drug raids on marijuana growing and people possesing is stupidity, that money can be better spent on combating Much more dangerous drugs(ones that are currently Class A) and the people who deal these drugs. However by decriminalising Cannabis i feel the UK government can gain extra revenue from it plus civil liberties increase at the same time.

Why does this matter?

My idea is important due to the fact the British government is finding ways of gaining revenue, this is why taxing cannabis which is sold in licenced shops would give a massive boost in revenue to the government rather than most of the profits going to underground criminal gangs who often sell bad quality and unsafe types of cannabis.

The second reason why i feel my idea is important is because the coalition currently are talking about increasing civil liberties, this idea is a good way of increasing civil liberties because people who currently want to smoke cannabis sometimes are perfectly law obiding citizens but are technically classed as criminals due to the illiberal drug laws this country has.

I feel in conclusion that overall the two factors of extra government revenue and increasing civil liberties in Britain are both good reasons why the drug laws on cannabis should be decreased.

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