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Relax MOT regulations

Comment 1st July 2010

Make the date of the first MOT later in the life of the car.

For example: make first MOT manadatory when car is 5 years old (not 3 as now) or has done 60,000 miles, whichever comes sooner. This saves car owners money and hassle.

It would need research to show this would not materially reduce road safety.


Why does this matter?

It would cut the cost of driving and reduce hassle of having to book the test etc. For most car-owners it would save two year's MOT costs (in London that means £70-£120).

The MOT test was brought in many years ago when cars were much less reliable than they are now (eg now much less prone to rust, faulty batteries etc). Making the first MOT test later recognises this.

Possible downside: less income for garages doing the tests. But the test was introduced to increase road safety, not to subsidise garage mechanics. If it can be shown that road safety would not be materially reduced then the change should be made.

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