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relax the smoking ban

Comment 6th July 2010

Bring back smokeing area's inside pubs,which are air conditioned.

Why does this matter?

In the area where i live 6 local pubs have closed down,two of them historic landmarks.

Such waste,and in my opinion a disgrace.The smoking ban is to blame,as well as the rise of alcohol prices.People go to the local supermarket to buy cheap alcohol,thus resulting in drinking more at home,not going out socialising.Not good for anyones health surely?.

My local pub closed down two years ago,i know of three old gentlemen who have passed away since,they fought in the war,their pleasure in later life, was to go for a pint and puff on a pipe.

How dare the goverment,take away their right  to this.

By the way i dont smoke myself,but belive people should have a choice,and not be told what to do.

Relax the ban, result ,more jobs more happy people,!!!!

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