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Relieving the overburdened NHS and prison system

Comment 10th July 2010

Overburdened NHS:-  Most of the work carried out by NHS staff is dangerous. This is due to the fact that they are dealing {especially at weekends} with drunks and drug addicts. As this is self inflicted by the "patient" they should be charged for the treatment and charged heavily, if they can't or won't pay they should be turned away. At weekends most of these people, especially the drunks, are transported to the hospital and treated {at great expense} why can't the hospital set up a M.A.S.H. unit near the town centres to cater for these imbeciles, this would be beneficial in three main ways. firstly the treatment would be sooner rather than later. secondly the police would be on hand {in force} to protect the staff, and thirdly genuine patients visiting the hospital would not have to "run the gauntlet" of crackheads and drunks.

Overburdened prison system:- It's high time the government took a good look at the out of date prison system. Now I'm not a do gooder {far from it}  I am one of the hang 'em and flog 'em brigade. I don't care if you have to imprison 75% of the population and employ the other 25% to guard them if you deserve prison then that's were you should be.

What should happen is simple, if you go to prison your immediate family and relatives should be made to pay for your "stay" not only that we have all seen on the TV those police shows in which they chase car thieves damaging police vehicles helicopters you name it. Now I would use that footage {when it goes to court} and tot up the bill the criminal is going to have to pay on top of the fine or imprisonment, e.g. three police cars used in high speed chase, fuel, wear and tear, damage caused, officers wages, courtroom staffs wages,


Oh and for lifers in prison.  Free up the prison space in this country by doing a deal with the U.S.A. and build a couple of giant prisons out in one of thier deserts and send the lifers there.

And send all the do gooders with them

Why does this matter?

I firmly believe that by introducing these measures, or something very similar we could see a drop in anti social behaviour. Drunks and druggies might think twice if they know they won't be treated.

People who break the law might think twice if not only are the police watching them but members of thier own family will try and keep them in check due to the fact putting your son or father or daughter in prison will result in more expense for the rest of the family, a form of self policing so to speak.

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