Removal of Road Tax on Vehicles.

We should align ourselves with other European countries such as France and remove Road Tax from Vehicles. The Tax does not seem to fulfil any worthwhile purpose. Instead the amount of revenue lost by removing it can be replaced by an increase in petrol prices. This will not be popular but will be much more efficient. and much fairer in generating revenue.

Why does this idea matter?

By including this tax in the price of petrol we would

1. Charge by the mile. Those with large thirsty petrol engines will pay more.

2. Cars and Lorries registered abroad would pay the new tax.

3. We would save the cost of the IT operation that supports Road Tax and the clerical effort of managing the system. Quite a lot in postage costs too.

4. The courts would also have savings. (Just how many people do we take to court for not having Road Tax)


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