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Removal of Uk, from areas of Northern Ireland.

Comment 10th September 2010

Reunification of Ireland. 

Particular attention should be given to the smallest of areas of gives most concern that of a slice of lands that almost divide Donegal & Sligo county.  

Why does this matter?


Accept that Ireland's division is unjust and unjustifiable consideration of the strong vote for unification within those ares now solid for removal of Her Majesty. 

The intrusion of UK, cannot continue within specified and at least moves afresh be given removal of these lands [great divide between any nation: specific of Donegal and Sligo] for they carry a heavy price, too much for Uk, too much social injustice to those who we must accept shall win.  Allow the UK, to win, take responsibility and give to the people, they have voted and remain firm for change.

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