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Remove all CCTV cameras from all quiet and/or suburban areas

Comment 13th July 2010

There is an obvious case for CCTV cameras at rail and bus stations, on busy high-crime high streets, in busy high-crime city centre areas and at dangerous road intersections (e.g. near schools, old people's homes or hospitals) in order to deter speeding drivers and to catch criminals.

However there are worrying numbers of CCTV cameras in areas that have none of these attributes, such as quiet parades of shops and quiet suburban shopping streets, especially in low crime areas, and on A roads and B roads that aren't dangerous and aren't even used by much traffic.

All such CCTV cameras are a license for government snooping in some form or other, or are being cynically used to generate money by catching speeding drivers and should go.

Why does this matter?

There is far too much unnecessary government-owned CCTV in the UK which costs the taxpayer too much money to run and which is allowing government officials to snoop on motorists and individuals going about their daily lives to no real gain.

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