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Remove blasphemy laws

Comment 17th July 2010

There should be no statutory offence of blasphemy as one person's blasphemy is another's freedom of speech.

Why does this matter?

 Whilst any adult is entitled to believe whatever they like (and should not be discriminated against for doing so) I hold it equally valid that any adult should be entitled to express any opinion that they hold concerning a religious belief or practise without the fear of falling foul of an ancient law. Atheists, agnostics and sceptics should have the right of freedom of speech to criticise religions (or those elements of religion) with which they disagree.

We need freedom of speech on this issue to help counter fundamentalism (which thrives when religions cannot be lawfully questioned and criticised). People who hold a particular faith should be secure enough in that faith to stand up to reasoned challenges.

This law is an anachronism and must go.

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