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Remove cannabis from MoDA, Expunge all cannabis convictions and apologise

1 Comment 16th August 2019

Here is a quote from Les Iversen's 2003 statement

‎"The main problem is that cannabis has been classified incorrectly for nearly 50 years".

I want to hear the UK government say this. Les Iversen said it 7 years ago. He is the new, current UK gov chief drug adviser and I WANT TO HEAR THE UK GOVERNMENT SAY IT.

I want my criminal record, and the record of everyone convicted for cannabis offences, to be expunged, and we DEMAND an apology.

Our citizens are receiving criminal records for cannabis convictions. Their career prospects are being blighted by these convictions. It is a pathetic argument to say that people should stop using cannabis. This criminalising misery in the UK is being propogated generation after generation.


Why does this matter?


People have suffered too long with criminal records, fines and prison time. My husband is American, I have known him for 40 years and yet I would have to jump through many hoops if I wanted to go back to the USA because of my criminal conviction for ONE GRAMME of cannabis, 41 years ago, in 1969. 

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One Response to Remove cannabis from MoDA, Expunge all cannabis convictions and apologise

  1. Rob Codd says:

    Good idea! This would certainly help the state of the economy and maybe even teach the *Enter Hateful Word Here* government a thing or two 😉

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