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Remove Child Benefit for families earning over £500k PA

1 Comment 21st July 2010

Why should affluent families recieve £20.30 per week, per child?

It doesnt make sense to me. If you are a family earning a decent amount of money then you are much more likely to be able to support and provide luxuries for your childchildren. So what do these people do with their £20.30 per week? Normally donate it to charity, give it to the child as pocket money or put it towards horse riding lessons?

There are children in this country who have to eat poor quality food, wear the cheapest of clothing and not go to any extra curricular activities like dancing, karate, horse riding. These childrens lives are not enriched, they are just surviving.

Surely it would make sense to restrict this allowance and at least give 50% of whats saved to towards either local community initatives that can provide access to extra curricular activities or straight to the parents who need it to support the children. The other 50% could go towards the 'deficit'.

I do not have any children , so maybe im missing something. Is it just me or does this 'right' need revisiting?!

Why does this matter?

Saves money, but helps deliver to the peoplecommunities that really need it.

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One Response to Remove Child Benefit for families earning over £500k PA

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