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Remove councils and transport for london control of local road

Comment 25th July 2010

Since councils and the mayor of london have had powers over local roads there has been a big increase in fixed penalties because councils and the transport for london make the restriction what are enforced by fixed penalty notice's. 

This gives councils and transport for london a licence to print money, the roads should in control of a independant department who's main job is to keep traffic flowing, having the power to remove traffic lights, set times of bus lane operation and restricting the use of bus lanes to mornings only, being able to remove bus lanes what cause congestion, councils and transport for london have abused the powers for their own agenda often an anti car agenda, controlled parking zones used to contol car users movement and take aways peoples freedom of movement if they use a car.

The independant department should be able to remove speed humps on back roads and change speed limits.  Speed humps cause pain for disabled people and were never tested to see how they affect disabled people, causing a number of disbaled people to trapped in their homes. 

Why does this matter?

My idea is important because it will stop people being fined for petty offences, it will reduce congestion on roads, it will make the roads safer, it will treat car users more fairly and stop the war on car users, something the conservative party said they will do.  It will stop disabled people being trapped in their home because of the pain caused by speed humps when traveling in a vehicle. It will stop transport for london and councils being able to put restrictions in place with the sole purpose of raising revenue from fix penalty notices from car users.

In this country car users are one of the most persicuted groups in the world and it would reduce the amount of persiction car users face daily.

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