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Remove CRB check law

Comment 8th July 2010

Remove CRB check law. 

CRB checks are an "approval system" .  It  has permitted the  worst kind of people to work with vulnerable adults and children because it has lowered the bar to access them.  Employers who once could discriminate on unsavory lifestyles can now only use this system which offers no safeguards whatsoever.

It has created a suspicious society of 'guilty until CRB checked' and a naively credulous one of  'innocent when CRB checked.'

This nation has turned into a country where politicians can rightly affirm: 'character does not count' to do any  job.

Why does this matter?

CRB checks are part of a wider strategy to teach citizens to lower their values and standards, that everyone's a potential criminal, and thus agree we need to  live in an Open Prison with survellance.  One day parents will be checked annually as a matter of course.

A solution is, as it was before: employers are responsible and should check their new employees' backgrounds and their lifestyles before they start work. And from then on create a culture of 'innocent until proven guilty' as this society once flourished in. 

People do not need MOT checks. We are not a commodity to be analysed, measured and bound. All criminals will  do is lie, and a lie repeated enough becomes the truth, 'computer says so'.

If we follow this course we will decline into a mediocrity, with no one able to invent, create and make a better world, for that requires a reliance on insight and intuition which is banned, and we will only cry out for an approving saviour to rule and govern us, for the individual voice will be no more.

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