Remove CRB checks.

Remove all the CRB process and associated bureacracy.  In its place make the records of all unspent criminal convictions available to the public on-line. 

Why does this idea matter?

The CRB chcek process was introduced as a knee jerk reaction to the Soham murders.  Is there any proof (not conjecture) that the bureacractic process has resulted in fewer child or vulnerable adults being murdered? 

The checking process has been spread too far to many people who may have some tangental involvement with children or vulnerable adults.  The process relies upon a mixture of fact, i.e.  conviction records, and allegations.  There is no acceptable way for unfounded allegations to be removed from the records.  The current regime is moving us into a similar situation to that which existed in East Germany with the Stazi holding records of allegations of a very large number of people – where anyone with a grudge could have deflamatory comments used to blacken the prospects of their neighbours.

This is one of many processes that simply allows people to tick boxes – but ticks don't provide better selection of staff or safer children!

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