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Remove Credit Reference Agencies Right to a Persons information without our permission

2 Comments 2nd July 2010

Credit Reference Agencies seem to think it is their moral duty to have information concerning us,without care or concern they add data to your file and without your permision,they can collate references without your knowledge and they keep this data which may hold  information which is untrue  or incorrect,they also charge you for  the privelage to see what they hold,this charge must be removed and be free so we can check wether or not it is correct and factual,for too long banks have had the upper hand in trashing your information and this does affect you for years to come,

if the information is in dispute the CRA'S must inform you and your right to reply must be added to the information gathered it also must  be compulsary for these agancies to  send you a copy of the information before they enter it onto their books,if it is factual then this is fair but if it involves a default coming from anyone you must be able to dispute this and they must never accept any information from DEBT COLLECTION AGENTS who will trash your files for years to come and not just the six years as you imagine but it can go on every 5 years and 11 months thereafter,in other words you have no say….the time has come where you are able now to charge the CRA'S with data that is untrue and we should be allowed legal aid free to prosecute the companies involved

Why does this matter?

this  is our civil liberties that have been erroniously erroded through acceptance by goverments without a say by the people who vote them in,this is for democracy and is our right to challenge spurious defaults entered through vindictive banks and finance companies and through the worst of them all debt collectors…we need to have this brought to an end

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2 Responses to Remove Credit Reference Agencies Right to a Persons information without our permission

  1. Malcolm Carr says:

    How is it that disputed debts can be listed on CRA lists? A court gives you a right to defend an incorrect claim.

  2. m swindells says:

    invasion of our privacy who are they?

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