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Remove forced medication (fluoride) from our drinking water

Comment 1st July 2010

Water fluoridation is forcing people in fluoridated areas to drink what they may well (with much justification) consider to be a serious human toxin. It is very expensive to remove fluoride as most filters do not do so, and boiling simply concentrates it.  Therefore the government needs to repeal the Water Acts of 2003/2005 which promote water fluoridation and in their place outlaw the practice,l but supply free fluoride tablets to those who want to take them.

Why does this matter?

It should be a basic human right not to be forced to take medicationa gainst your will.  This is a celar breach of medical ethics.  Adding fluoride to our water supply means that most people effectively are forced to drink significant volumes of fluoride.  There are alternatives for those who want to take fluoride (many consider it a serious human toxin), so on what ethical basis is there to force fluoride on people via their water supply?

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