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Remove legislation allowing executive share option schemes

Comment 13th July 2010

Executive share option scheme legislation should be removed therefore making share option schemes aligned for all employees with no extra share benefits for management.

Why does this matter?

The current system rewards those at the top for the hard work of all the employees.

Why should those in charge be able to award themselves benefits when they have damaged the company.

Over the last few years, millions of pounds worth of options have been given to the management of plcs and when share prices have dropped more options have been awarded for "improving results" thereby letting the management further profit from market conditions or when they have been the cause of damage to the company. The shareholders and other employees lose every time the executives are awarded options.

Removing executive share option schemes would better align the interests of management of companies with the shareholders and other employees of the companies and encourage a longer term commitment to improving results for everybody including customers.

Doing this would benefit the country by improving the companies we all rely on for livelihoods, tax revenue, pensions, etc.

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