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remove many of the road signs – they clutter & cost

Comment 13th August 2010

Isn't it time we stopped putting up so many road signs/traffic lights and painting the roads in multi colours ?

The cost and the clutter is something we could do without



How much does it cost to put up each sign – surely if you are driving against the law, you should expect that you may get caught.  In London there are thousands of signs, the 2 most popular are highlightling :-

1- speed cameras – drive in the law and you will not have anything to worry about

2 – Bus lane – why are they not all just Monday – Fri  (AM/PM) rush hours and a sign put up if they include more than that ?

By taking down signs drivers will concentrate more on the road/being safe.


Its not just the initial paint cost, its the maintenance cost as well. Cycle lanes, bus lanes, speed limits etc etc etc

Why do we need them – does it make us safer and add anything ? Lets go radical and make everything simple again 


there are too many and many could be turned off from 9pm – 6am, saving elecricity and getting drivers to take more care.


Why does this matter?

It will save vast amounts of money (now and in ongoing costs)

it will make our roads look better

it will not have an adverse affect on safety

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