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Remove police discretion to under-prioritise speeding enforcement

Comment 20th July 2010

Remove the police’s discretion to suppress enforcement of speeding laws disproportionately to the frequency of offences that are observable by ordinary members of the public. High-powered two-wheelers, especially in summer, come out in large numbers onto rural A and B roads. Other road-users see and hear many of them flaunt by wide margins their anarchic stance to society’s driving codes, exacerbating risk for everyone. Nobody believes the police aren’t aware but who over time has ever seen a decent number of offenders pulled over? Not me. Maybe they get the benefits of continual and blatant offending because of someone’s misguided interpretation of libertarianism or simply because the police would claim they’re too hard to catch.

Why does this matter?

The sights and banshee sounds of their ongoing behaviour threaten all road-users and deliver unprincipled slaps to the faces of drivers concerned to use the roads in safety-conscious manner while placing some importance on signalling the sanity of their intentions to other road-users. While this travesty is allowed to remain, the right to an ordinary, 'normal' experience of travel on public roads by the majority is being significantly downgraded. Road users should be freed from these levels of continual displays of risk-exacerbating and aggressive behaviour that self-evidently the police must have let go largely unchallenged for many years.

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