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Remove regulations which prevent televised courts.

Comment 5th July 2010

The removal of these regulations would allow the televisual recording of our courts at the judges or magistrates discretion to be available for broadcast only after all appeals were exhausted.

At present our courts can only be attended by a miniscule percentage of the population.The lack of televised coverage means that the great majority of those interested,especially in highly publicised cases, are denied the opportunity to hear testimonies,to observe the body language,to gain an informed opinion that is not influenced by mainstream media and above all to create a situtaion where justice is seen to be done.

The current situation is one where our court proceedings very close to being secret.

All we are currently allowed under the regulations are reports from murdoch media and the establishment broadcasters.

Why does this matter?

Because if justice is not seen to be done then injustice is bound to occur and the public perception of a case will be woefully misinformed.

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