Remove requirement to have newspaper advert for listed building consent

For any listed building application a notice has to be placed in a local newspaper. This costs the taxpayer a lot of money (councils have to pay for it), not many people read the public notices, newspapers charge exorbitantly for public notices, and in many cases there is no obvious local newspaper of record, and many local and regional papers are in financial trouble in this electronic age. Notification to amenity societies should suffice, or have notices on council websites or through Planning Portal. (Any parallel requirement under ecclesisastical exemption should also be scrapped; indeed the 1997 Newman Report on the exemption observed that "“In view of the substantial cost of newspaper advertisements and the minimal public response, the Department and the Welsh Office should review the requirement to advertise proposals in this way”.)

Why does this idea matter?

This is red tape to little effect. It is very costly and produced minimal response,

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