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Remove restrictions to expression of Christian Faith

1 Comment 2nd July 2010

We are seeing an increasing number of cases of people being arrested and pilloried simply for making a private expression of their Christian Faith such as the wearing of a cross.  Even more so for the proclamation of the Christian Gospel. 

For instance, the late Lord Soper could not now deliver his addresses at Tower Hill, Speakers' Corner or Hyde Park as he did for over 50 years without the weight of the law being ranged against him to silence him.

It is time that these one sided restrictions of the freedom of expression of Bible Teaching  be lifted.

Why does this matter?

Karl Marx said in effect that "religion is the opiate of the people", and with this I totally agree.  

Faith in Jesus Christ is not a religion but a revelation. 

This Faith has been the motivator of many of the most  notable men and women of history and has demonstrably, (viz.  the history of revivals), the power to change lives for the better. 

Much of Government emphasis is on combating the decline of morality, social responsibility and ethics in this country.  I submit that the challenge of the Christian Gospel more freely delivered by those who have responded to it would have a positive influence in this objective.

The effect of the converse, i.e. repression of the Gospel, may be seen by studying the legacy of Karl Marx and his successors.

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One Response to Remove restrictions to expression of Christian Faith

  1. J W says:

    you are free to do what you want. but my freedom stops at the end of my reach and you have to accept you have no right to encroach onto other peoples freedoms.

    wearing a cross doesnt offend me (although wearing a torture device around your neck is sick) but it shouldnt be allowed to tarnish a companies position. a flight attendant should display the cross so as not to affiliate the airline with the religion. by all means wear it but dont display it.

    it is no suprise for the religious to cry discrimination, but to claim your morality as superior to secular morality is just plain wrong. weve had religion ruling nations for thousands of years yet now, in a more secualar, it is actually the most peaceful era of human history. you need some facts to go with your view. but i doubt that will happen.

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