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Remove right of traders to take from deposits without justification

Comment 20th July 2010

Terms, conditions and any regulations or codes that permit debits to deposits held by traders without agreement and justification of the amount with the customer should be banned or qualified to ensure:

  • A written statement with full, itemised detail of parts, labour and/or other costs is first issued
  • It is issued promptly with a deadline of a number of days offering the customer the opportunity to dispute before the payment is cleared

Why does this matter?

Great inconvenience, time and substantial costs otherwise need to be expended to recover unauthorised debits, all the more likely with an on-line transaction. Mysteriously, the communications gap between the trader and the customer grows wide, aloof and fuzzy during follow-up and dispute resolution compared to that attentive, swift, cheery efficiency at the point of sale. The freedom traders enjoy to switch to being evasive and slippery later on is our heavy ball and chain.

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