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Remove the Bishoprics Act of 1878 and similar.

1 Comment 5th July 2010

Remove the Bishoprics Act of 1878 or any such laws that permit Bishops the right to sit in the House of Lords.

Why does this matter?

We want sensible and intelligent people in our legislature not people who still believe in God(s). The state needs to be independent of religion and not influenced by religious organisations.

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One Response to Remove the Bishoprics Act of 1878 and similar.

  1. Aloysius Jones says:

    This is totally insane. This country has been Governed for over 500 years with a balance between the elected and non-elected Houses and it created one of the best democratic countries in the world. The unelected Lords is made up of representatives of all aspects and areas of the country and the Church of England must be represented since it forms the basis of so much of the strength of our social and democratic heritage.

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