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Remove the business rates on fibre networks

1 Comment 21st July 2010

The telcos are unable or unwilling to build a universal fibre to the premises network for the UK, and government can't afford to fill the gap. 

Community owned models of development and operation of local fibre access networks – not for private profit – can be a sustainable solution to delivering next-gen services to not-spots. such networks should be exempt form paying business rates on the network infrastructure.

Why does this matter?

This move would give a clear signal from government that it support s a "big Society" solution in the high profile area of next generation broadband, and provide a valuable stimulus that would help to kick start a community led sector in the developing patchwork of networks that will enable rural and other not-spots to compete on a level playing field, and so reduce or remove the new digital divide. 

This would provide a massive boost to the UK economy, especially in those parts of the country that will otherwise be worst hit by the coming round of cuts.

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One Response to Remove the business rates on fibre networks

  1. Oldandugly says:

    Without question the Internet is a fantastic tool, it helps & everyone. Like all thing great the downside is the installation cost. History has taught us that information is king & those who controle it make millions, BT, AT&T Virgin & so on. Fibre networks will be installed with or without subsidies believe me there is to much money at stake not to. I know this is so way out there but here’s a thing, we can’t eat it, we can’t breath it & we certainly can’t drink it, Why subsidise it!

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