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Remove the classification of psilocybin mushrooms as Class A drugs

Comment 4th February 2016

Reverse the "Inclusion of mushrooms containing psilocin etc. as Class A drugs".


The Drugs Act 2005 – Part 4, section 21:

Why does this matter?

This was an unnecessary knee-jerk reaction forced through in 2005 without consultation from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) in an attempt by the previous government to appear tough on drugs.

[Professor David Nutt, the chair of the council at the time,] did not have time to include magic mushrooms on his chart of relative drug harm but he says he probably wouldn't have classified them and "certainly not as a class A".[1]

The former MP Brian Iddon, an organic chemist involved in the committee stage of the bill, said "he could find no evidence that mushrooms were addictive or harmful." [2]




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