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Remove the law that forbids drinking alcohol in the streets (Trafford)

Comment 21st July 2010

At the moment it is illegal to walk the streets of Trafford drinking alcohol. This is ill thought out and lazy. I can understand prosecuting people who are anti social and this may be as a result of drinking alcohol. It doesn't, however, mean the act of drinking alcohol on the streets should be prohibited.

Recently my son and his friend were stopped whilst innocently walking into Altrincham just because they were finishing off a bottle of lager each that they had started at our house. 2 plain clothed policemen, patrolling a quiet residential area in Hale, made them pour away the alcohol and retain the bottles. Not sure that is efficient use of their time.


The result of treating, in particular young people, as they are the ones targeted, them like this is that it alienates them at a time when I would have thought that the Police would want their cooperation.


Young people now walk the streets with plastic Lemonade bottles full of alcoholic drinks – so it doesn't even work.


There are already laws to deal with anti social (drunk or not) behaviour. Use them not the easy way out by prohibiting drinking alcohol on the streets.

Why does this matter?

Treats people like adults not like children. It may prevent young people growing up resenting the Police. Allows resources to be used to deal with real crime.

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